Our Special Features

Our Special Features

Communicative Language Ability Acquisition Training(CLAAT)

Spoken English

Dialogue (oral,written) , Grammar Exercise ( oral, written ), Creative (oral, written) Poem Recitation, Essay Writing, Seminar Classes, Speeches, Announcements


Basic Hindi listening for understanding, basic spoken Hindi, basic reading ability, Basic writing ability.


Special Mental Maths Training , Abacus Class.


கற்க கசடற.

Smart Class:

TATA Class Edge

Virtual labs of Science concepts and experiments, Maths, Geography, History, up to Higher Secondary level in interactive mode.

Value Acquisition Plus Awareness Programme(VAPAP)

Health Awareness Programmes, Cleanliness Instruction Programmes, Road Safety, Fire Safety, Disaster Management Safety, Crackers Safety Programmes, Cell phone Safety Instructions, Table Manners, General Awareness of Personal Pleasing Appearance and Moral Values.

Body, Mind, Fitness(BMFs)

Dhyana, Gana Sessions through Yoga, Mediation, Mass Drill, Games, March Past, Aerobics, Dance, Karate, Silambam, Kala Mela Competitions.


Shapes, figures, flowers landscapes, pictures &colouring and thematic drawing.


An Exhibition on Science or Arts Subjects is held in the school as a yearly once feature, in addition to participating in the District level Science Exhibition.


Local area excursions to nearby places for lower class children and long tours for higher class children are organized every year.

Education Facilitators

Mr.E.A.Premkumar M.A, B.Ed., PGCTE.,

Mrs. K.L. Hemamalini M.Com., B.Ed.,

Mrs.P.J.Sennila. MBA.,

Miss.P.J.Dhanvarsha., IMBA.,

Mr. P. Nishanth M.A, B.Ed.,
Mr. F. Abraham M.A, B.Ed.,

Mrs. A. Premalatha M.Sc., B.Ed.,
Mrs. C. Hemamalini M.Sc., B.Ed.,

Mrs. A. Lakshmi Priya M.Sc, B.Ed.,
Mrs. P. Nagomi Ponnammal B.Sc., B.Ed.,
Mrs. V. Meenakshi M.Sc., B.Ed.,
Mrs. S.R. Sahaya Ponmalar B.E., CSE

Mrs. S. Jayalakshmi M.A, B.Ed.,
Mrs. K. Gayathri M.Com., M.Phil., B.Ed.,
Mrs. N. Savithri Bai M.A., B.Ed.,

Mrs.R. Ruba M.A, M.Phil.,
Mrs. C. Carmel Mary M.A, B.Lit., B.Ed.,
Mrs. P. Periyanayagi B.A.,

Mrs. R. Usha B.A.,
Mrs. M.J.Parveen Sulthana B.Sc., B.Ed.,

Mr. R.Ramani ., M.P.ED.,

Admin Officer : Mrs. P.J.Selvi B.A.,
Office In-charge : Mr. V. Melvin B.A.,


Mr. Mohan
Mrs. Pachaiammal
Mrs. Saroja